AMAE 2021 is now accepting manuscript submissions. Prospective authors are invited to submit their draft paper to Electronic contribution system or E-mail.

The topics of inetest are included below, but not limited to :
AMAE 2021现已开启征文通道,作者可通过电子投稿系统或会议邮箱提交稿件。征文主题包括但不限于:

Aerospace Engineering

Advanced theoretical models
Aerodynamic forces and structural flexibility
Aeroelasticity and loads
Aerospace robotics and mechatronics
Aircraft design concepts
Aircraft Maintenance Management
Aircraft Propulsion and Gas Turbine Engines
Aircraft Structural Analysis and Design
Aircraft systems
Aircraft Vibration and Aeroelasticity
Airport Management and Operations
Applied aerodynamics and fluid mechanics
Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Computational fluid dynamics
Emerging avionics technology
Flight software engineering and testing
Heat transfer mechanics
High-speed Aerodynamics
Industrial Aerodynamics
Novel aero engines
Rocket theory and design
Spacecraft avionics systems, subsystems and technologies
Transport Management
Unmanned aircraft technologies


Aerospace Communications

Aircraft Navigation
Astronomical Image Processing
Attitude maneuver control
Autonomous flight control
Ballistic tracking
Bistatic SAR imaging and processing
Convex parameterization
Detection in non-gaussian distribution environment
Earth terminal systems
Estimation & detection theory
Geophysical Image Processing
Geoscience & remote sensing
GPS multipath
Ground Support System
Image Recognition and Analysis
Interactivity via satellite
Interference cancellation and Suppression

Intersatellite links
Ionospheric Techniques
Meteorological Radar
MIMO radar moving target detection
MTI radar
Multi-spacecraft imaging systems
Nano & Micro satellites designs
Nanosatellites networking
NLOS communications
Nonlinear approach to tracking problem
Novel satellite-enabled services
Optimal control problems
Radar Detection & imaging
Radar Signal Processing
Satellite architecture, navigation and payload
Satellite Ground Stations


Aerospace Materials

Aeronautical materials process and test
Aerospace Materials Characteristics
Aerostructures and composites
Development Trend of Nondestructive Testing Technology
Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft
Materials for Aero Engine
Materials for Astronautic vehicles

Materials for Exploration Systems
Materials for Launch Vehicle Structures
Materials for Liquid Propulsion Systems
Materials in Power Systems in Space Exploration
Materials Selection for Aerospace Systems
Subsonic Aircraft Materials Development